The best German knives currently in the market

German knives are probably the most famous knives right now. Used by millions of people worldwide, these small pieces of equipment make life much easier for both professional chefs and house cooks. If you are in need of a new cooking knife to simplify your cooking problems, then the knives listed below are made for you! They are affordable, comfortable to hold, sharp and durable, so you’ll have no problem whatsoever after buying them!

Keep in mind this comprehensive article is made with people who do not have any information whatsoever about German kitchen knives and cooking, so if you are expecting this article tell you the advanced functionality of the listed knife, then I’m afraid I will not do that for you.

german kitchen knife

Icel Cutlery Stainless Steel Blade Chef’s Knife

Icel is not a much known company if you compare it to other knife manufacturers in this article, but their products are pretty high quality and affordable at the same time, which is pretty rare in this world nowadays. This 10 inch multipurpose knife made by them is extremely light, and easy to hold and work with. Made of carbon steel, with handles manufactured by polypropylene, this knife is guaranteed to make your cooking life much more enjoyable than before, so say good bye to cutting hard food materials with brute force, as a blade of this sharpness can cut it with a single slice!

Wüsthof Classic 6-Inch Hollow Ground Cook’s Knife

This classic knife by Wüsthof is hollow, but will completely fill your needs of a great knife (see what I did there?) The knife measures to be 6 inches, and is hollow to prevent the food from sticking. Made in Germany, this knife gives you a host of features, including a Tough POM handle, a laser tested edge, full tangs, and a triple-riveted black handle so that you can cut everything you want with ease and professionalism! The grip is secure and comfortable, and the blade is sharp enough to cut through stainless steel easily, so get it now today!

Mundial W5610-8 8-Inch Cook’s Knife

Mundial, like Icel, isn’t a famous and reputable company like Wüsthof, but again, they manufacture knives that rival the quality of J. A. Henckels themselves, so it is safe to say that they are a worthy purchase. With continuous 5 star reviews on Amazon, this sharp 8 inch knife is wide; NSF approved, and comes in 6 colors, Red, Yellow, Green, Black, White and Silver. The unique addition is the anti microbial handle, which pretty much reduces the chances of bacteria getting into your food by 89%. So, if you are health conscious, then this knife is for you!

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