Healthy Cookware Make All The Difference

Did you know that cookwares materials like aluminium and non stick utensils have a tendency to release toxins into your food? Did you know that these toxins may alter the hormone secretion rate in our bodies?

Regular consumption of these toxins acts like a slow poison. So we may conclude that our traditional non stick and aluminium cookwares would not be the best choices.
People have become highly cautious about their health. And for those health cautious people this article would be of a great value.

I did my research and found the healthiest cookware materials. Thankfully, we have a good number of options which are healthier than the non stick utensils. Following is the list of such items.

Let me Take you back to the old times when people were healthier. Cast Iron cookware was their thing. I am sure most of the grandparents insisted us for cooking in the cast iron ware. Not only cast iron adds extra iron in our diet but it also makes a highly versatile option as it can be used on stove and in ovens too.

Stainless Steel stands at second spot in my list of healthy cookwares. These are the most affordable stainless steel pots and pans I’ve found. It has a very long life and looks new even after decades of usage. In addition to that it does not produce any toxic by products on usage. It is a cost effective option. The bowls and plates would not break on rough use. I am a regular user of stainless steel utensils and as per me they are one of the best cookware materials.

I have used the Glass ware since my childhood. And I always liked the ease with which I could clean it. It can only be used for baking. It has no drawback other than that. Glassware is an excellent replacement for plastic.

Ceramics do not leach any toxin in your food. They are completely non reactive. My reason for liking them is that they can be cleaned with a cloth. They are highly versatile and can be used on stove and in microwave ovens. The Ceramic ware need to be handled with a lot of fragility. It would not be wrong to say that Ceramics are the best replacement for non stick wares.

I have observed a lot of improvement in my family’s health after replacing my non stick pans with the other options discussed above. I am sure you would see the same improvement in the health of your family too, after you do the same.

Happy cooking!